Independent & Unbiased
We are proud to be one of a very small group of of advisors who provide fee-only advice on an hourly, as-needed basis.

Fee-only means that we do not receive commissions, and we do not sell financial products of any kind.  We're independent and we're paid only by our our clients always come first.

The hourly, as-needed approach allows you to get as much or as little professional advice as you'd like, without having to relinquish control of your assets or to pay a fee based on a percentage of their value.

And to keep it as simple as possible, we always provide you with an accurate estimate of the fee amount before you begin working with us – there is no guesswork.

No Minimums
We think that everyone needs and is entitled to competent financial advice, regardless of their net worth or account size. We help clients who have accumulated substantial nest eggs, clients who are just starting out, and clients who are simply trying to get their financial lives in order...we work with everyday people.

Fiduciary Standard
As a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of Ohio, Financial Solutions LLC adheres to a fiduciary standard, which means we are required by law to act solely in the best interest of our clients.  We also adhere to the strict code of ethics mandated by the CFP Board of Standards, and the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA).  

Professional Qualifications
Paul Dolce, CFP® earned his MBA in Finance from The Ohio State University, and has over 25 years of experience in the corporate and financial services industries.  Paul also teaches financial planning courses in The Ohio State University's CFP® program.  His down-to earth, instructional approach in working with clients will help you to understand even the most complicated financial concepts.  Please visit our Profile Page to learn more about Paul's qualifications and background. 

Common Sense Solutions
We never use "cookie cutter plans" for our clients - they simply don't work.  Our client meetings are interactive working sessions. They're designed to educate you where necessary, and help you get control of your financial more guessing your way through and hoping things work out.  Working together with you, we develop a clear strategy that you can manage either on your own, or with our continued help, whichever you prefer.  Best of all, you’ll understand your plan when you work with us.

The Right Affiliations
Paul Dolce is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner.  His firm, Financial Solutions LLC, is a member of the nation's two largest and most respected fee-only financial planning networks: The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors and The Garrett Planning Network.

You are important to us. When you contact us, for whatever reason, we get back to you promptly…it is that simple!




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