About Financial Solutions LLC

Financial Solutions LLC (Financial Solutions) is an independent Ohio-registered investment advisory firm providing personal financial planning solutions on a fee-only basis.


Most of our clients are located in Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Lima, Zanesville, Mansfield, and other cities surrounding central Ohio.  However, we have clients in Cleveland, Findlay, Toledo, Akron, Youngstown and other, more-distant, Ohio locations too.


We also work with out-of-state clients in Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and others.  For long distance clients who prefer not to travel, we use virtual meeting technology to facilitate planning meetings.


Fee-Only Compensation and a Fiduciary Role

Financial Solutions provides financial advice, guidance, and education to clients from all walks of life. The company’s compensation is derived one hundred percent from clients for services rendered to clients.

Financial Solutions does not receive commissions, sell financial products or charge fees based upon a percentage of clients' assets or net worth.  Fees are determined on an hourly, or fixed fee basis.  All fees are fully disclosed before an engagement begins. 

For a simplified illustration of how our fee-only approach compares to the compensation structures of Commission-Based and Fee-Based planners, please click here: How Financial Advisors Are Paid.  


Our purely fee-only approach enables us to act in a true fiduciary capacity, providing straight-forward, unbiased advice; putting the best interests of our clients first at all times.

An Independent Practice with Trusted Affiliations

Financial Solutions is entirely independent.  We are not affiliated with any banks, insurance companies, brokers or other financial institutions.


We are, however, a member of the nation’s two largest, and most trusted fee-only financial planning networks. They are NAPFA (the National Association of Professional Financial Advisors), and the Garrett Planning Network, an international network of fee-only planners specializing in hourly, as-needed advice.   These networks serve as a "brain-trust," and can provide valuable support when necessary.


An Open-Door Approach to Planning

Financial Solutions requires no income or net worth minimums of its clients. The company’s unique approach to engagements puts financial planning, guidance, and education within the reach of individuals and families of all income levels.  Our clients include young families, corporate employees, business owners, professionals, and many others.


Straight-Forward Solutions

Financial Solutions uses a common-sense approach to develop understandable, no-nonsense solutions specifically tailored to each client’s short and long-term financial planning objectives. We believe that financial planning does not have to be rocket science to be effective....in fact, simpler is usually better.



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