The Financial Fitness Checkup is our most popular service.  It’s a two to three hour financial planning consultation in which we’ll evaluate and help you understand the most important facets of your financial life including:

Investments (portfolio design)
  Consolidate/Simplify//"Clean Up" Your Accounts (roll over old 401ks, IRAs, etc.)
Tax Review
Retirement Savings - (am I saving I on track?)
Debt Management
Structuring Investments for Retirement
Estate Planning

College Savings

Your questions and other areas of most interest to you

The Checkup is not intended to be a comprehensive financial plan, but it certainly covers a lot of ground.  It includes specific investment recommendations and integrated financial strategies developed for your particular situation....this is not a a cookie cutter plan or a standardized's designed for you.


The unique feature that makes Checkups so popular with our clients is the interactive nature of the meeting. During the session, we explain and document key points and action items as we discuss them with you. This way, at the end of the meeting, you'll have a written strategic plan that we've built together... a blueprint that you'll understand and can follow because you've participated in its design. 

The Checkup includes email and phone support in case you have follow-up questions about the meeting or about the recommendations that we've discussed.  Just give us a call...we want you to understand, and be comfortable with what you're doing. 

After a Checkup, we suggest that you stop back every 12 to 18 months to update/rebalance your portfolio, and to discuss any other issues that  may have arisen since the initial meeting.  This periodic follow-up is, of course, entirely your choice, however, it is an important component of a successful investment and financial planning process.

If you decide that you'd like to have a bit more hands-on guidance, with scheduled follow-up meetings, and implementation support, this can be easily arranged at the conclusion of the Checkup meeting.

Because of our interactive approach, and the educational tools that we employ, clients who complete the Checkup are excited that they finally really understand their financial situation, and that they know specifically the steps they can take to improve it. 


If the Financial Fitness Checkup sounds like it's a good fit for you, here's how to get started:

1. Simply give us a call to inquire about, or to schedule your Checkup: 614-604-3551

2. At least two weeks in advance of the Checkup meeting date, complete and return our Client Questionnaire. along with the additional items listed in the Questionnaire instructions.


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